AAYUSH HEALTHCARE CENTRE was functioning in the name of Child Care Clinic since 2010 and renamed in 2013 {Reg # PDY DRA 033, Dept of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Puducherry} with the view of providing focused attention to Siddha, Ayurveda in addition to Allopathic system of medicine.
It’s located just few meters from the beginning of ECR with a group of service-minded doctors of various specialties working together to provide an excellent health care.

As, we have specialists in ancient Indian system of medicine founded on the immutable laws of nature. We see each patient as a unique, complex individual. Unlike other medical modalities which focus on the treatment of symptoms of an illness, ancient Indian System of medicine concentrates on the source of the patient’s disease, supporting the body’s innate wisdom to restore optimal health.

We offer the rejuvenation treatment program through Siddha Medicine aimed at keeping away several dreaded diseases, retarding the ageing process and revitalizing the worn out tissues, increasing memory power and improving vigor and vitality. This also reduces obesity and mental tension, enhances body complexion, corrects metabolism and deficiency and recharges the mind and body.

Specific treatments are available in Siddha Medicine for below mentioned diseases in our hospital

• Diabetes
• Joint Pains
• Sprains
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Migraine
• Sinusitis
• Paralysis and other neurological disorders

The outpatient services cater to patients form morning to evening with very minimal charges. The patients are examined and offered appropriate treatment and advice in a friendly manner.

The Allopathic wing has specialists who come on specific days in a week except for Child specialist who is available from Monday to Saturday. Immunization services are offered throughout the week with all vaccines in the IAP schedule and all optional vaccines being offered to children. Regular monitoring of growth and development is done with most of the patients having a regular follow up.


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Services Overview

Rejuvenation therapy
De-stress package 
Weight reduction package (Including anti-obesity diet advice/yoga therapy) 
Siddha & Ayurvedhic Pharmacy (Including anti-obesity diet advice/yoga therapy)

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Address: #60, Perumal Naidu Street, Muthialpet, 
Puducherry -605003, India.
Telephone: +91 413 2235070
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Working Hours

Monday to Saturday
Lab / Diagnostics: 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM
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Lab / Diagnostics: 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM