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Health Check Up
Healthy lifestyles are yet to gain acceptance amidst many of us. Job related stress, unhealthy eating habits, inadequate rest, high levels of pollution - all contribute to our health problems today. An annual health check up is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health.

Health Checkup Packages

Comprehensive Diabetic Check up
The Comprehensive Diabetic Health Check as the name implies, includes all vital checkups that will help you to locate the source, prevention, medication and cure of diabetics. This checkup will gain your confidence and health. The normal symptoms of Diabetics are excessive thirst, increased appetite, frequent urination, sudden loss of weight, giddiness, etc this is a detailed check up mainly focused on diagnosing the diabetes related damage caused to the body.

Pre Employment Checkup
Every corporate is interested to recruit healthy employee to enable flawless execution of work. Basic checkup is done to find the health of the employee is generally well.

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Rejuvenation therapy
De-stress package 
Weight reduction package (Including anti-obesity diet advice/yoga therapy) 
Siddha & Ayurvedhic Pharmacy (Including anti-obesity diet advice/yoga therapy)

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